A Collection Of Unfiltered "Sermons" On Healing, Manifesting & Spirituality Set Free

Includes Over 40 Hand Drawn Illustrations By Val Ashford

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About Val Ashford

"I Do Not Hold A Power Greater Than Your Own."

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My only goal is to reflect back to you your infinite and limitless connection to the energy of "the all that is" in times where it may be difficult for you to see or feel it for yourself. 

Val Ashford, lovingly known online as The Afro Buddha, is a spiritual counselor, author/illustrator, and unconventional thought leader sought after for her philosophies on life, alternative spirituality, and utilizing mindfulness as the often-overlooked deep healing tool necessary for personal growth and manifesting a well-loved life.

For nearly the past decade Val has been actively applying her gifts in identifying and dismantling potential mindset hurdles, redefining faith after religion, and unpacking challenging relationships to equip thousands of her followers, clients, and students with the spiritual and mental framework necessary for navigating their own "manifest-through-healing" journey towards actualizing the life they deeply desire.

Her edgy sense of humor, eccentric personality and unfiltered yet nurturing approach make her teachings equally entertaining and insightful.

Val is immeasurably passionate about advocating for the inclusion, and acceptance of diverse lifestyle choices, neuro-divergence, and unconventional standards of beauty. Her outspoken views on anti-hustle culture, mindful parenting, and re-writing the often failing yet socially accepted terms and conditions in which we work and attain education have opened up new dialogue challenging the collective to reject tradition as being synonymous with best practices.

Val, a 37-year-old North Carolina native, is currently living abroad in Mexico while counseling most of her clients remotely, unschooling her two children, and completing her first book series.


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