About Val Ashford 

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Val Ashford, lovingly known online as The Afro Buddha, is a philosopher, spiritual teacher, and intuitive counselor sought after for her alternative outlook on spirituality, metaphysics, and unconventional living.


She’s spent the greater part of the past decade using her own intuition and life experiences paired with training in NLP, CBT, neuroscience, and mindfulness to assist her one-on-one clients and students in navigating their own healing journey. Her offbeat sense of humor and unfiltered raw personality make her teachings both entertaining and introspective. She is especially strengthened in unpacking diverse lifestyle choices, inner child healing, disconnecting from traditional religion, and working with body positivity and neurodivergent inclusion. Val has a deep passion for challenging traditional methods of thinking and the art of manifesting. The core of her work is essentially an alternative form of therapy but rooted in a place of spiritual and metaphysical understanding rather than that of purely psychological.


"Intuition for me is not defined as an ability to see the future but in the ability to objectively and honestly view the present. I do not hold a power greater than your own and my only goal is to reflect back to you your infinite and limitless connection to the energy of "the all that is" in times where it may be difficult for you to see or feel it for yourself."


Val is a resolution and healing-based spiritual practitioner and may be a good fit for you if you have a strong willingness to truly understand the root of your experience and are ready to do the work of shifting into a new pattern of thinking, believing, understanding, and existing