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Pranker has submitted the name RYAN, the astrological sign GEMINI and the additional information:


" My best friend Ryan just got a new puppy he's obsessed with. His puppy's name is SNICKERS after Ryan's favorite candy bar.  We're all really happy that he got a new puppy but he's driving us crazy treating it like a baby instead of a dog. He even bought SNICKERS a bowtie and a tiny tophat to take pictures in. LMAO Also, he chipped his tooth playing basketball recently and is really self-conscious about it. Maybe you could encourage him that it doesn't look as bad as he thinks? He's trying to rekindle things with his ex and is worried she won't be attracted to him anymore. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks, Val!"

Today's Horoscope For Gemini

Gemini you're overdue for some love and affection this week via hugs, kisses, or even licks as many people with this planetary placement may feel themselves especially adored by a child or a pet.  For you, a child and a pet may feel one and the same. Be careful this week not to push your loved ones away by expecting them to participate in your slight obsession with either. 


The universe wants you to remember this ancient proverb; "No One Looks Good In A Tiny Tophat". - Confucious

In the realm of love and romance, this is a great time to rekindle an old flame. Resist the urge to make changes to yourself to impress others. 

As you move throughout the week pay close attention to your emotions. You may feel a bit of anxiety or insecurity around your physical appearance. Gemini, your perceived flaws are what makes you so irresistible! Don't hide your scars, bruised or chipped teeth. Instead, embrace these unique identifying traits.  

Jupiter in retrograde may make you feel a little nutty this week but that's okay. Remember some of the best things in life can be nutty. If you don't believe us, try a Snickers candy bar. Treat yourself to one as a comforting snack this week without the guilt.